Holidays for everyone, in the broadest sense of the word, for Oostappen Holiday Parks means that anyone who is in any way unable to enjoy a holiday should be given the opportunity to do so. Oostappen Holiday Parks also provides the most basic basic necessities of life in the form of accommodation for refugees, for example, and social rental after a fire in a house, for example.

To this end, Oostappen Vakantieparken enters into cooperation with various organisations. For each organisation, we play a significant role in their assistance:

Stichting de Vakantiebank (foundation the holiday bank)

The aim of Stichting De Vakantiebank is to offer families with an income around welfare standard a carefree holiday week at a beautiful and recreational location in the Netherlands. To be detached from the home situation for a while and gain new energy.

This foundation likes to challenge Oostappen Group Holiday Parks and because they give all children a nice holiday. To contribute to this, the Oostappen Group Holiday Parks offers 500 families a wonderful holiday week at one of the parks in 2021.

Stichting De Vakantiebank

Stichting Verwenevent (Foundation)

If one of your children has a mental disability, it will cost the family a lot of time, energy and, above all, money. A holiday is then often impossible given your child's special need for care. Stichting Verwenevent invites such families for a carefree holiday at Oostappen Vakantiepark Prinsenmeer. Oostappen Vakantieparken makes this park and its staff entirely selflessly available for this event. The families originate from the register of the Mytyl- Tytyl schools in South-East Brabant and North and Central Limburg.

The 14th edition of this event took place in 2019, which was again a great success. In connection with COVID-19, no event was organised in 2020.

Holiday Participation Centre Flanders

Underprivileged families in Belgium also get the opportunity to go on holiday at one of the Belgian holiday parks of Oostappen. They are intensively supervised by Holiday Participation of Tourism Flanders and thus have the time of their lives.

"I want my children to learn that things can be done differently. That they get a chance to take a different path. They need to see and feel what it means to go on holiday" (48-year-old Sem, vacationer, single father with 2 sons)

We do it for statements such as these. Besides holidays we also offer day trips to our swimming pools for this same group of people. These trips are not possible without the support of Holiday Participation Centre Flanders and Oostappen Group Holiday Parks.

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Stichtung doe een wens (Make-a-wish Foundation)

What Stichting Doe een Wens stands for can best be described by their own Mission: 'Make-A-Wish Foundation International's mission is: 'To fulfil the dearest wish of children aged 3 to 18 with a life-threatening illness in order to create an experience of strength and joy'.

Stichting Doe een Wens

Oostappen Group Holiday Parks makes their facilities available to carry out such a wish. Wishes such as: 'Just doing something nice with my family' where we welcomed a family for a carefree day out, and 'Being a mermaid for a day' where we made the swimming pool at holiday park Droomgaard available to make this wish come true.

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Reception of asylum seekers

Unfortunately, we still face misery in the world on a daily basis. These uncertainties have triggered an incessant stream of war refugees. All of this results in concrete problems with regard to housing in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this social problem, Oostappen Group Holiday Parks sees the need to lend a helping hand where possible.

Opvang asielzoekers

As a result, in recent years Oostappen Group has offered some holiday parks the opportunity to accommodate so-called status holders. This means that people have fled from war or persecution in their home area, and rightly so. Oostappen Group Holiday Parks provides a safe haven in which a family can be a family again, and where the misery they have experienced can be given a place.

Our target group in the field of holiday guests consists largely of families with young children. So we know better than anyone how important it is to be able to live a carefree life. In addition, we have years of experience in providing (temporary) accommodation for private individuals. Together, these factors have enabled us to contribute to the reception of asylum seekers in recent years.

Opvang asielzoekers

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