The Gillis family is back

The reality series 'Familie Gillis: Massa is kassa, about self-made millionaire Peter Gillis, continues. With winter on its way, the last guests leave the holiday parks and the Gillis family and Peter's employees throw themselves into the big cleaning and winter preparation of all the parks. The cash register must continue to ring, so Peter is busy with the new holiday season. There is a need for expansion: 'no talking, just fill the beds.'. The second season of 'Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa' can be seen from 4 January every week at 20.30 on the Dutch TV channel SBS6 and on

In season two Peter is as always on top of things. Trust is good, control is better', is the credo. And that control is not always pleasant for son Mark, who also does his best this season to stay ahead of his father's eternal criticism. Peter's support and companion, his girlfriend Nicol, 30 years younger than him, waxes lyrical about 'her' family home concept. So she is also looking to expand. Those with beds have the future, don't they?

Peter is very annoyed that COVID-19 persists and is also ruining the autumn holidays; the usual crowds are not coming, because the catering industry has to close down. Meanwhile, Peter's battle against the excess pounds continues unabated in season two. He even convinces his son Mark to visit the gym ... 'Hatseflats!'

Peter Gillis: "In the first season, we gave the viewer an insight into our lives and the running of a family business. This season we are stepping it up a notch. Because, especially in these times, it is important to keep on being smart.

Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa is produced by Concept Street.

The second season of Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa can be seen on SBS6 and from 4 January every week at 20.30 hours.

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